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Sichuan BMT Welding Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. (abb. as “CBWEE” hereinafter), founded in 1988, is one of the pioneers of Chinese domestic automobile BIW welding industry and leaders of intelligent equipment manufacturing. Now, CBWEE set its businesses in three fields including automobile BIW welding automation, automobile components welding line GC and, general industrial intelligent equipment.

The former – Chengdu Welding Equipment Company – is established by three institutions that are affiliated to the former State Ministry of Machinery Industry. In 1995, the CBWEE is officially set up as a joint venture with ITI Group France. Then in 2012, CBWEE merged all the ITI shares and owned 100% and on February 2017, Jiuding Capital invested CBWEE to bring a new future.

CBWEE headquarter locates at No. 15th Chengzhi Road, Longtan Industrial Port, Chengdu City. Currently, CBWEE has run manufacturing base in Jiangyou city, Sichuan and, permanent agents and sales centers in Kunshan (under-construction), Chongqing and Wuhan. The total amount of employees is 350 and more than 75% of which is the staff engaged in planning, design, simulation, project management and onsite technical support.

CBWEE is a world-class GC in the fields of automobiles body welding and automation solution systems. In the year of 2008, CBWEE was awarded with National High-Tech Enterprise. During 30 years development since engaged into automobiles body welding system integration, CBWEE have entrusted by FAW-VW, SVW, SGM, Leopaard Auto (Anhui), Hanteng Auto, CAF, Volvo, PSA, BBAC, SAIC-IVECO, Changan Auto, Geely, Chery, DFPV and, Byton etc. with new plants construction and refurbishment, containing flexible automatic welding line and factory MES solutions.

CBWEE provides high standard welding lines for Ford Thailand, PSA Iran, PSA Morocco, PSA Brazil, PSA Madrid, PSA Luton internationally and closely cooperates with SEGULA and KUKA in Benz and PSA key projects.

CBWEE has always been one of the most significant suppliers for domestic automobiles parts & components automatic welding systems since establishment and won numerous orders from Dongfeng, SHAC, SLASSCO, Lianwei(Chongqing), Starq, Lingyun and, Engley, etc. In the 2nd quarter of 2017, the Automobile Parts & Components Division is set up and CBWEE is expected to be one of the best providers for parts & components system solutions in the near future.

At the early of 3rd quarter, 2017 CBWEE has a new division – Intelligent Equipment Division for the marketing of general industrial intelligent manufacturing. Currently, the business scope covers battery PACK of EV, 3C, packing line, military industry and, aerospace, etc. and its sub-division – Laser Intelligent Manufacturing System – is the leading domestically. At the end of 2017, CBWEE successfully lists and makes businesses with a series of good clients.

In the year of 2018, CBWEE successfully wins the Byton body mainline and BMW EV battery box whole line, which is important for CBWEE development.

In 2019 CBWEE insists on “Body-in-White & Non-complete Vehicle Intelligent Manufacturing”, expands the overseas market, improves marketing and, increases innovation and R&D inputs.

CBWEE has been awarded with honors including:

Excellent Robot Integrator in Automobile Industry – 2014,

Capek Prize – 2015, 2016, and;

Gaogong Robot Golden Global Award – 2017.

“CBWEE Build Intelligent Future.” This is not only the anticipation but also a slogan of CBWE to create a better future.  

As one of pioneers to provide intelligent manufacturing solutions, CBWEE has already been engaged into the “Made in China 2025”. We believe that the continuous concerns and supports from clients will assist CBWEE to develop well and contribute domestic industrial automation.


Company Philosophy: CBWEE Build Intelligent Future

Core Value: Quality Excellence, Innovation Driven!  

Company Spirit: Unite, Strive, Innovate, Develop

Quality Strategy: Quality First, Technology Leading, Management Optimization, Client Satisfaction!

Interpretation of Logo:

Upholding inheriting the non-cultural heritages, the LOGO is designed on the basis of CBWEE background and industrial characteristics.

Artistic shape of Letters C, B and W. C means Chengdu and China, clearly showing enterprise’s brand concept.

Color of blue means wisdom and profoundness as well as CBWEE philosophy – superior quality and high technology.